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Brianna A. Peery
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United States
Current Residence: Missouri
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Favourite genre of music: Punk/Pop
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Favourite cartoon character: Ikakku Madarame
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Title: Guardsman
Eyes: Dark Gray
Race: Human
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 210 lbs
Age: 35
Description: The man before is built like a brick house. He is muscular and tall and built to take a substantial amount of hits. His hair is medium in length, black, and stringy in texture that is paired with a matching scruffy beard and thick eyebrows. His face is very square with a strong jaw line and almond shaped dark eyes and a hawk nose. There is an obvious scar coming from beneath his chest plate along the left side of his neck and spots of scarring on the same side of his face. He stands with a straight backed posture and is always alert. (Armored) U/C (Casual) U/C
Home: Stormwind
Birthplace: Redridge Mountians
History: TL;DR Eldricks has been a part of the guard for a long time. Before Deathwing’s attack on Stormwind, he was known to take the night patrol of the park. However, he was unlucky enough to be there when the beast struck and barely made it out alive and was left a bad burn to remind him of the events and left him out of commission for months under the care of a priest. After he healed he rejoined the guard and continued his simple work of protecting civilians as there's no other place for him.

early childhood(3 - 5): He has yet to properly meet his father in the begging of these years. He has few male's in his life due to the recent wars and many of the men, his father included, are off to battle. Little happens in his life in this time outside of meeting a boy his age who would later become his best friend. At the age of five, his father returns home ending with a heartfelt reunion of Riodin I seeing his son for the first time.
childhood(6 - 9): During these years, the young Riodin has found himself attached to his father's hip. He would go just about everywhere with his father, though was not allowed to join him on his patrols due to the lurking dangers. His father has taken up being one of the local town guard, as was his duties before the previous war. At the age of eight he is given his first sword, though wooden, and so begins his training in weapons.
adolescence/tween(10 - 12): Things seem to be peaceful at the beginning of this age. By now, he has made a few good friends and has started to act as an individual rather than clinging to his parents. His swordsman training has been going well. So well, in fact, that he was gifted an actual blade made by his father's hand. Thus far, he's become the best at swordplay amongst his small group of friends and actively challenges them. He's even begun patrolling with his father during the daylight hours and is learning the true meaning of responsibility. At the age of 11 his best friend moves to Lordaeron. Within two years the news comes to their small town that a plague has spread within Lordaeron. Riodin doesn't hear from Thomas ever again.
adolescence/teen(13 - 16): Rebellion has finally settled in the young Riodin's mind, a reaction to his friends death. He's begun to act foul in the eyes of his parents, giving them a lot of lip and trouble. It's at the age of 15 he steals some coin from the local blacksmith. Upon finding out he is punished by his parents with the switch and the rules that were in his households place has become far stricter. This is his punishment and one he won't rightfully forget as he is pushed harder. As his sixteenth year comes to a close, his mother becomes very ill.
teen continued(16 - 18): During winter of his 17th year his mother finally gives up the fight and passes away, but not without leaving final words for Riodin to live by. "You are a good boy, and have always been a good boy. As you grow older, remember, that the merit of a man is what's in his heart." He and his father mourn her death with a simple ceremony with a few friends and family. After her death, things become tense with his father. After the fiasco of his rebellious nature, his father has little trust in him. So also begins his habit of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Often he finds himself in poor situations, and being blamed for the happenings. Many people in the town begin to think him a troublemaker. To break this belief, he works hard to find the true culprits of these misdeeds and forces them into telling the truth.
young adulthood(19 - 25): Word is out that Arthas is seeking able-bodied men to aid in the investigation of Lordaeron's troubles. No doubt, his father steps up and puts on his old armor to help end this blight upon the city. Riodin, now a man in the eyes of many, requests that he join his father in the investigation. Much to his dismay, his father has no intent in seeing his son of little experience take on such a task and denies him the right to fight alongside Arthas. Instead, he is advised to stay in Redridge and help look after the town and to learn with the blacksmith. Within the year, news arrives of their failure in Lordaeron. There are no signs of his father returning and, once more, Riodin mourns the death of a loved one. He spends the rest of that year finishing up his teachings with the local blacksmith and soon after packs his bags and moves to the city of
Stormwind where he seeks work to protect its citizen as a guard. It wasn't long after that he met a nice young woman, Ilene, to whom he married at the age of 22. After two years of trying to start a family of their own, they find that Ilene is infertile and unable to have children. While this does not affect the love he has for his wife, his wife seems to become distraught over the news. He watches his wife give into the depression slowly over time.
"official" adulthood(26 - 29): A portal has been opened to the Outlands as the military calls for strong men and women to aid in forcing back the demons that threaten to pour from the other side. The years of his upbringing start to show in his strong need to go and help defend his people against the coming blight. While his wife disapproves of his going off to fight, she relents and allows him to take his leave. He joins the
Alliance military in the effort to fight back the demons and for the next two years is stationed in the Outlands. Looking forward to returning to his wife, he makes his way back to Stormwind after all has been settled in Outlands. Much to his dismay, it seems the depression that his wife had felt ever since being told of her serility had taken its hold and, blaming herself that he couldn't have the family he wanted, left him with nothing more than a letter and her ring. With a heavy heart he returns to his work as a city guard, filling every bit of his time working to avoid thinking of what he's lost. He does not join the ranks for the events of LK.
adulthood continued(30 - 35): For three years he continues his work in the guard, protecting the citizens of Stormwind. As he takes on one of his usual patrol routes through the
park of Stormwind, he finds himself in the presence of a great dragon. However, this dragon was nothing like those he had heard of in his youth. The monster decimated the park where he was patrolling in a bout of flames. With nowhere to go, he took the brunt of the attack and was thrown to the side. His armor became hot like fire, singing his skin beneath. The town is in an uproar from the attack and he is later found by one of his comrades in arms. He is rushed to a healer for the burns that have been inflicted. He retires from his duties and spends the next year and a half in the care of a priest. It was around the final days of his healing and rehabilitation that news of the new continent came to Stormwind. After having been out of the game for over a year, the brush with death opening his eyes wider than anything ever had, he decides to to join the alliance military once more in the exploration of Pandaria, wanting nothing more than to get back on his feet and begin the work of defending the innocent.

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BrianAtkins Apr 15, 2014  Professional Artist
Thanks for the watch!! :D (Big Grin) Did I by chance meet you at AnimeSTL?
BP-Studio Apr 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yup! My friend and I both commissioned you for Warcraft based OCs. Me the elf couple and him the busty dwarf. (And I emailed a scan of the piece you did for me) Keep up the awesome work, man!
Nosephire Jan 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav, lovely gallery!
BP-Studio Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why thank you, and thanks for having such lovely drawings for me to oogle.
Nosephire Jan 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Aww... :blushes:
Lawful-Neutral Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hey thanks for the fav! :D
BP-Studio Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are most welcome. You've some really awesome sketches. 
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